School Anthem

No 1 : To be said everyday before the classes start

O ! the Almighty ! the all merciful !
The pure and the formless one !
You are everywhere, you are the one who is above praises
So we bow down to you in respect, we bow down to you
To receive your blessings!
You are our Father, You are our Mother,
You are our Friend, You are our Guide
You are the source of every strength, so give us strength
Give us the wisdom, courage and devotion to save your creation
and thus, love us O Lord and make us your able children
O ! the Almighty ! The all merciful !
The pure and the formless one !

No 2 : (To be said everyday When the school ends)

O! My God you are the way, the truth and the life
Show me your way, teach me your truth and lead me to your light
WE GIVE YOU THANKS ! Almighty God !
For all your benefits who lives and reigns the world without end.