School Rules & Regulation


All students are expected to have right attitude towards learning and be well behaved. They must follow five basic Principles to achieve a high standard of personal discipline. These principles are :-

  • Follow rules to prevent chaos.
  • Show respect to parents, teachers and others.
  • Learn to take responsibility .
  • Build good relationship with family members, teachers and friends.
  • If mistakes are committed do not repeat the same mistake or offence again.


Should reach school before the start of morning assembly.


Students are not allowed to remain at school or wait for siblings who are dismissed later. Children should be picked up promptly. Parents/ Guardians should wait for their child outside the school gate/ near the school office.


Students will not be released during the school hour to anyone other than their parents /adults listed in the admission form/Diary, in case of emergency.


For the safety of all children, all adults entering the school campus for any reason are required to sign in the register at the school gate.


If your child becomes ill while at school, you will be called to pick him/her up. No pupil, while infected with any contagious/infectious disease, shall be allowed to remain in school. Students are not allowed to keep medicine with them in their classroom. Written parental consent and detailed instructions are required if children are to take medication at school.


Gum, whitener, Tape player, Pocket Knives, matches, balls, cards, scissors or dangerous items are not permitted at school. Students should not bring any magazines, guide books, story books, comics etc. other than text books and copies.


Students who ride their bicycles to school need to secure them with chain & lock. School is not responsible for any kind of damage or loss. Bikes & Scooters are not allowed in the school campus.


Students must wear the prescribed school uniform and any modification to the uniform is not allowed.

Shoes must be polished and low cut and properly laced.

The school uniform must be worn in school and at school functions or activities.

Only those badges approved by the School and connected with its activities are to be worn.


Hair must be kept short and neatly combed. (For boys)

Hair must not be dyed or colored.

Fingernails are to be kept clean and short.

Chains, rings, bracelets, bangles 86 heavy earrings (girls) must not be worn.

Hair should not cover the eyes.

Girls have a simple hairstyle. Long hair must be worn in two plaits. Use of only white band is permitted.


Students must attend classes regularly.

Students must respect teachers and classmates.

Students must keep the classroom neat and clean.

School identity cards must be with the students on all working days.

Students must obtain teacher's permission before entering and leaving any classroom.

Students must avoid talking or laughing very loudly, roaming around, quarrelling, fighting and use of foul language.
Politeness, obedience and self discipline are highly appreciated.

Students must return to their respective classroom immediately after short break / lunch break.

Fee Collection Rules

Parents have the option to deposit the tuition fees for any number of months in advance.

Last date for acceptance of school fees (without a fine) is the 15th of the month.

A fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged for late payment (after 20th of the month).

The names of those students absent without information for one month or more shall be struck off the roll. Re-admission fee will be charged if the student wants to continue his/her studies again.

Re-admission may be accepted on payment of Admission fee with the permission of the President/ Principal.

*Arrear of 3 months fees will be accepted with fine.

Fees for the month of February and March must be paid in the month of February.

For class X & XII school fees up to March have to be deposited by February to get no dues certificate, which is essential to obtain CBSE Admit Card.

The dues of any fee will debar a student from appearing at any examination.


Students joining or leaving the school in mid-term will have to pay the fee and other charges for the session .

School leaving certificate/Transfer certificate will be issued one week, after all the fees and other dues of the school are paid and verified.

For withdrawal of Transport facilities, one month's notice is necessary. However, no request for withdrawal of the facilities will be accepted after the month of September.


The President/Secretary/Principal may be compelled to expel a student from the school who has been using unfair means in examination; any explanation for such action may not be extended to the Parent/Guardian they are assumed to have understood this rule clearly at the time of applying for admission.

Parents/guardians are strictly prohibited from interviewing or confronting any teacher. In case of any complaint they must report to the President/ Secretary/Principal regarding the same. Any violation of the school discipline may result in dismissal of the student.

A student whose bahaviour, in the opinion of the President/Secretary/Principal and Disciplinary committee is harmful to the interests and environment of the school may be required to be withdrawn from the school notifying the cause to the parents.

Irregular attendance, disobedience, habitual idleness, misbehaviour towards any member of the school not attending the classes after coming to school are also sufficient reasons for suspension or dismissal.

Important Note for Students

No shouting or whistling is allowed in or around the school premises. Running in corridors is strictly prohibited.

Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is not permitted.

Bursting crackers or splashing colours during Diwali / Holi or any other occasion in the school premises or school buses is stricly forbidden. Non-compliance of these instructions can result in expulsion from the school.

Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones / I-pods / camera to school. Any child carrying the above mentioned items shall be fined an amount of Rs. 1000/- and strict disciplinary action.

XX Students are expected to act responsibly towards their own belongings and bicycles. School will not be responsible for the goods lost.