Swami Tapananda, the Founder President of Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Math & Mission, Rabindra Path, Hazaribag dedicated his life, both for spiritual knowledge and social service at an early age. His spiritual Gurudev, Swami Himangshu Maharaj, a direct disciple of Holy Mother Sarada Devi . Swami Tapananda, as a young and energetic disciple, carried on social work among the poor villagers of Hazaribag. He moved to remote places and came in contact with people of different religions and castes. He also lectured on Yoga for national integration and social awareness, and arranged classes at different centers to emphasize its benefits to people. He also treated patients, who were poor and needy, number of such patients increased gradually. But he had another mission in his life. Inspired by Swami Vivekananda's message of social upliftment through spread of education, especially among those who cannot afford to go to big towns, Swami Tapananda seriously thought of rendering service to people through spread of education, here at Hazaribag. He had a vision of Swami Vivekananda during a deep meditation. When he was in this frame of mind, without further loss of time, only with blessings of Guru Maharaj and vision of Swami Vivekananda, the cherished school was established in 1992 in the premises of the Ashrama. Gradually resources were available and the school began to grow slowly. After so ' many hurdles, both administrative and financial, the school was well established and affiliation was granted. Swami Tapananda’s untiring zeal, confidence and with blessing of his Guru Maharaj, the dream of his life is going to be achieved in development. Swami Tapananda's mission of serving people at grass root level as a social worker continues.. . But the journey is unending towards further progress and development.